How to create a form in html

Form in HTML has referred to a printed document that contains spaces for you to fill in information.

  1. What is HTML Form?

What is HTML Form?

HTML borrows the concept of a form to refer to different elements that allow you to collect information from visitors to your site.

Whether you are adding a simple search box to your website or you need to create more complicated insurance applications, HTML forms give you a set of elements to collect data from your users.

Form fields have been an integral part of the web for decades. Forms on the web are how we get things done. We log into sites through forms, we buy things through forms, request a search, add content to a site.

These interactions all happen through form elements, or they should happen through semantic form elements and not through divs and spans.

By using HTML form elements we tap into the power that's built into the browser.

The HTML <form> element is used to create an HTML form for user input:

form controls

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